Rental FAQ

Rental FAQ

We do our best to make our rental policies as clear as possible for our customers.

Here are some questions we get asked frequently regarding rentals. If you still have a question, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer it if we can!

Every new instrument rental at Antonio Violins comes with a case, a bow, rosin, a cleaning cloth, a spare set of strings, a shoulder rest (for violin and viola), and a rockstop (for cello and bass). For brand new renters, we also provide a method book of your choice (such as a Suzuki book without a CD, Essential Elements, New Directions, All for Strings, or Learning Together), and a music stand at no additional fee if you are local, out of state will be charged a $5 shipping charge (music stands are heavy).

Just for fun, we throw in an Antonio Violins t-shirt too!

Once you have decided between violin, viola, cello, or bass, next comes the decision of what level of rental is best for you.  Here at Antonio Violins, we have a levels based program. Our levels are broken down to Student, Intermediate, and Advanced players.  For a brand new player, we recommend the Student grade instruments, which are Levels 1-3 for violin and viola, Levels 1-2 for cello, and Level 1 for bass.  For our Intermediate players, we recommend Levels 4-5 for violin and viola, and Levels 3-4 for cello. Our Advanced players, usually those looking to play in college or for more than just a hobby, we recommend Levels 6-10 for violin, Levels 6-9 for viola, Levels 5-7 for cello, and Level 2 for bass.

Almost every rental through us is rent-to-own.

For every year you rent an instrument with Antonio Violins, you build up equity towards purchasing the instrument you are renting.  At Antonio Violins, 100% of your yearly rental fee, everything except for maintenance and tax, goes towards buying your instrument.  For example, if you are an “In State” renter and you are renting a L-2 violin, your yearly payment is $187.79. Of that $187.79, $144 goes towards the purchase of your instrument.

Whenever you want! You are not required to wait until you have enough equity to buy the instrument. However, generally after 5 or 6 years of rental, you have enough equity built up that it is less expensive to purchase your instrument than it is to rent for another year. We recommend waiting until you are in a “full size” instrument, which is a 4/4 violin, 4/4 cello, ¾ bass or 15” and larger viola. We also recommend that you sit down and assess the quality level of the instrument to ensure that it lines up with your goals and aspirations as a musician. If it isn’t, make sure to visit one our our locations to upgrade your instrument before purchasing.

Yes! You can upgrade or change size at any time!  If you find that the quality level you are currently playing is not right for you or the instrument is the wrong size, we recommend setting up an appointment at one of our stores to try out instruments.

Size exchanges are always free. Upgrades to higher levels will vary in price depending on what level you are moving to and where you are in your yearly contract.

The majority of our rentals are on a yearly basis, so you will make a one-time payment for the full calendar year. Your bill will be due on the same date as you opened your contract one year later. You should receive an invoice in the mail about one month prior to this date to remind you to come into the store or call us to renew your contract. If you have any questions about your bill, feel free to give us a call to have an Antonio Violins staff member check your contract.

You can rent monthly, but only fractional instruments (instruments that are not full-sized) can be rented monthly. Additionally, you must go through a credit approval process. Call for more details.

Yes. We break down your yearly payment into 12 months. In most cases, You pay for 9 months of rent and 3 are free (The free months usually fall during the summer time following a school schedule). If you return an instrument within those 9 paid months you will be refunded for any months you didn’t use.

NOTE: We require a 2 month commitment for yearly AND monthly contracts. There is no difference in monetary commitment for a yearly contract and monthly.

Yes of course you can!  Check out our rental rates and policies for “Out of State” renters on our website for more information!  If you live in Ohio but far away (e.g. Cleveland , Toledo) you are considered “Out-of-State.” Additionally, if you live in Northern Kentucky, i.e. Florence, Covington, etc. we consider you to be an “In State” renter. Cellos and Basses are an additional shipping charge to rent Out-of State. 

If you are a yearly renter, we recommend keeping your instrument through the summer months.  The majority of our rentals are on a 9 months of rent, 3 for free basis. While you can return it if you want to, this policy allows you to keep your instrument during the summer without guilt because they are considered your “free” months of rental!

Our Student and Intermediate rentals (Levels 1-5 for violin and viola, Levels 1-4 for cello, Level 1 for bass) come with maintenance as a part of your rental fee.  Maintenance covers any non-intentional and repairable damage.  For example, if a string on your instrument breaks, the bridge falls down or snaps, a seam comes undone, etc. our luthiers can repair it. We recommend taking full advantage of your maintenance program and bringing in your instrument for inspection at least every 6 months (though we prefer every 3 months). If you’re unsure if your instrument can be repaired or not, bring it in to one of our locations ASAP to have it looked at!

We’re sad to see you go!  In order to cancel a contract, the instrument must be returned to our store.  When an instrument is returned, we look for the instrument to be in the same condition it left the store in. You should also bring back the bow, shoulder rest (for violin and viola), rock stop (cello and bass).  You do not need to return the book or stand that came with your rental; those are our gifts to you!