Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

Here is the rental contract you will have to sign to rent an instrument from us

Please note that only customers who intend to rent monthly are required to undergo a credit report. If you pre-pay for a full year you can receive a 25% discount and bypass the credit report.

We believe in being open in our policies and we try to make everything really clear, but we know that contracts can be scary and confusing sometimes so please contact us or see our rental FAQ page if you have questions about something. We’re very happy to help.

See our Rental Policies and Rental Rates as well.

Antonio Violins Rental Agreement

  1. The retail purchase price of the instrument rented is $___________________
  2. The renter is required to obtain a binder for the instrument on their homeowner’s or renter’s personal belongings’ insurance  policy.
  3. If the instrument is lost or irreparably damaged, the renter is responsible for the amount of the purchase price, less the homeowners insurance deductible amount, up to $250.00 . E.g., an instrument with a retail purchase price of $750.00, and the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance deductible of $250.00; the renter would pay to Antonio Violins $500.00.(The amount paid by the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance) on loss or irreparable damage to the instrument .
  1. ALL REPAIRS AND ADJUSTMENTS MUST BE MADE BY ANTONIO VIOLINS OR ITS AGENTS. Repairs made necessary by ordinary wear and tear will be made at no cost to the renter, assuming rental payments are current. Repairs made necessary by damages beyond normal wear and tear and neglect will be repaired by Antonio Violins, at the expense of the renter. This is especially true for damages to bows caused by failure to relax the hair whenever not playing the instrument.
  2. Exchanges to the next instrument size will be made free of charge assuming rental payments are current, and the previous instrument is returned in good condition, allowing for normal wear and tear.
  3. Exchanges to full size instruments are limited as follows; There are a limited number of full size rental instruments available and it is possible that you may have to be put on a waiting list for a full size rental. If you have been renting for less than 36 months and you are not ready to purchase a full size instrument , then it is possible to rent a new full size rental quality instrument (based on availability) with the agreement that if you decide to purchase an instrument , you will purchase the full size instrument that you have been renting.  If you have been renting for 36 months or more and you need to exchange to a full size instrument then you will need to purchase a full size instrument .
  4. The renter agrees that if the rent has not been paid within 7 days of the due date, Antonio Violins may charge the delinquent rent to the credit card provided above ( At the time of this application for rent the credit card number provided above will be verified for at least $100.00 on a violin rental and $200.00 on a cello rental). If a credit card number is not provided or the credit report is unsatisfactory then a security deposit of  $ __________has been made, and any missed rental fees will be deducted from this amount at the time the instrument is returned and this contract is canceled.  If the instrument is returned at the end of the rental term in good condition, allowing for normal wear and tear, the full deposit amount, less any missed rental fees, shall be refunded to the renter.
  5. If rent is not paid for two consecutive months, and the instrument is not returned in good condition allowing for normal wear and tear, the instrument shall be considered stolen and referred to the renter’s local police department. Also, the renter shall be responsible for the retail purchase price of the instrument, plus any  and all legal expenses which may be incurred.
  1. If rent is not paid for two consecutive months and the instrument is not returned in good condition allowing for normal wear and tear, the renter gives permission to Antonio Violins or its representatives to repossess the instrument from the student’s school or home, or home of the renter.
  2. If rent payment is current, and the instrument is returned in good condition allowing for normal wear and tear, rental equity may be applied up to  60% of the retail purchase price of another ORCHESTRAL instrument of similar or higher quality from Antonio Violins current inventory at the time of purchase. You may apply rental equity up to 100% of the retail purchase price if you are purchasing the instrument that you have been renting for the previous 12 months.
  3. Rental fees are due each month on the day of the month or the next closest day of the month this contract is dated. E.g.( if your contract is dated the 31st of the month, then every other month your rental fees would be due on the 30th .) A late fee of $5 will be charged on payments received by Antonio Violins more than 15 days past the due date.  Rental fees may be paid in advance (ex. Quarterly or annually).

The undersigned hereby declares that they have read the above rental agreement, that all statements made herein are complete and true to the best of their knowledge. The renter hereby authorizes Antonio Violins to order a credit report, in conjunction with this agreement or with any subsequent update, renewal or extension of this agreement.

I have read and agree to the terms of this agreement:


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