Cincinnati/Mason Rental

Cincinnati/Mason Rental

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Renting is a great option for orchestral string instruments! Play a quality instrument without the large upfront investment and 100% of what you pay in rent goes towards the purchase of that instrument (or one of equal quality)!

NOTE: Only fractional (smaller than full size) instruments are available for rent monthly. Full size instruments must be rented yearly see our FAQ for more info. Monthly renters must be pre-approved and are subject to a credit check prior to receiving their rental instrument.

See our rental rates below for our Cincinnati location if you have questions see the FAQ or feel free to Contact Us

Rental Rates for Cincinnati/Mason

Quality LevelCost to Rent(Yearly)Price per monthMaintenanceYou SaveRetail Price
Level 1$144.00 (3 Months Free)$16.00Included-$48.00$770.00
Level 2$193.50 (3 Months Free)$21.50Included-$64.50$990.00
Level 3$225.00 (3 Months Free)$25.00Included-$75.00$1,200.00
Level 4$252.00 (3 Months Free)$28.00Included-$84.00$1,350.00
Level 5$279.00 (3 Months Free)$31.00Included-$93.00$1,600.00
Level 6$396.00$33.00$0.00$1,700.00
Level 7$480.00$40.00$0.00$2,100.00
Level 8$600.00$50.00$0.00$2,400.00
Level 9$720.00$60.00$0.00$3,000.00
Level 10$900.00$75.00$0.00$3,900.00
Quality LevelCost to rent (yearly)Price per monthMaintenanceYou SaveRetail Price
Level 1$163.25 (3 Months Free)$18.13Included-$54.39$990.00
Level 2$210.95 (3 Months Free)$23.44Included-$70.21$1,200.00
Level 3$250.65 (3 Months Free)$27.85Included-$83.55$1,400.00
Level 4$279.00 (3 Months Free)$31.00Included-$93.00$1,620.00
Level 5$328.50 (3 Months Free)$36.50Included-$109.50$1,740.00
Level 6$528.00$44.00$0.00$2,200.00
Level 7$600.00$50.00$0.00$2,400.00
Level 8$720.00$60.00$0.00$3,000.00
Level 9$900.00$75.00$0.00$4,000.00
Quality LevelCost to rent (yearly)Price per monthMaintenanceYou SaveRetail Price
Level 1$315.00 (3 Months Free)$35.00Included-$105.00$1,700.00
Level 2$396.00 (3 Months Free)$44.00Included-$132.00$1,935.00
Level 3$445.00 (3 Months Free)$49.44Included-$148.32$2,400.00
Level 4$585.00 (3 Months Free)$65.00Included-$195.00$3,600.00
Level 5$1200.00$100.00$0.00$5,000.00
Level 6$1,200.00$125.00$0.00$6,000.00
Quality LevelCost to rent (yearly)Price per monthMaintenanceYou SaveRetail Price
Level 1$405.00 (3 Months Free)$45.00Included$132.00$3,200.00
Level 2$625.95$69.55Included$208.65$4,725.00