About Us

About Us

While we are primarily a retail store, our team at Antonio Violins strives to go beyond a traditional sales approach.

We at Antonio Violins believe our GOAL to be the best in customer service is exemplified by our emphasis on connection, engagement, and cooperation, as we have sought to convey in our slogan, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Music. These ideals foster a connection to music which revitalizes both the individual and the community. 

Our STRATEGIES for reaching our goal here at Antonio Violins are: 

Connection: We make great efforts to be the best in customer service by forging connections with all patrons regardless of skill level, preferred genre, age, and musical experience. We strive to guarantee equal respect and top-notch service to all customers, from our loyal decades-long renters to the first-time visitors. 

Engagement: We work to participate in as many community events as possible with groups like the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Cincinnati Art Museum, and Cincinnati Reds. On average, these events allow our customer service to reach a few dozen to thousands.  

Cooperation: We believe in developing our customer service by building and maintaining partnerships with local establishments such as non-profit El-Sistema youth orchestra, MYCincinnati. We also reach out regularly to local schools, both public and private.

Advocacy:   We know the importance and power of advocacy and involvement from the city, state and federal levels.    

Event participation: Our sales-based events allow us to reach a broad range of customers who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pick up an instrument. Some of our favorite local sales events from 2018-2019 include the Great Lakes Region Music Therapy Conference, the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show, Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market, and the Midwest Homeschool Convention. However, given the tight-knit and far-reaching nature of the music community, we strive to cultivate a presence in events nationwide, including the Dublin Irish Festival, the Columbus Home and Garden Show, IX Christmas Connection in Cleveland, and Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis.  While we believe our commitment to music events nationwide is vital to ensuring the preservation of the music industry as a whole. However, our efforts would mean little if we do not advocate for music locally. Our non-sales events generally take the form of what we have termed a “Music Lab,” in which children and adults are given the opportunity to try a variety of instruments. We haul violins, violas, cellos, and ukuleles of all sizes, along with educational materials and instrument fittings, to concert halls, parks, museums, and even offices to give anyone and everyone the chance to experience the joy of creating music. Our staff are on-hand to model correct positioning and provide tips and local resources to interested listeners. 

We were named the Cincinnati Museum Center 2018 Difference Maker in the Business Category due to our dedication to assisting local organizations like El-Sistema orchestra and MYCincinnati.   

Assisting in federal lobbying efforts to including music as a well-rounded education to the current ESSA documents. Currently lobbying to ensure ESSA is funded at appropriation levels to ensure adequate school programs.